This property defines one or more comma-separated shadow effects to be applied to the text content of the current element. Effects consist of a shadow color, a maximum blurring radius for the shadow effect and x/y offset of the shadow effect from the element content. Multiple effects are applied to the element in the order specified in the property. Effects can overlap each other, but they should never overlap the text content.

blockquote { text-shadow: blue 2px 2px, red -2px -2px }
Possible Values
inherit: Explicitly sets the value of this property to that of the parent
none: Defines normal text, with no shadow
[shadow effects]: Specifies one or more comma-separated shadow effects for the current element. Effects are given as X/Y offsets along with optional shadow-color and blur-radius values.
[Shadow-color]: This uses a color to create the shadow effect and may be placed at the beginning or end of the text-shadow effect syntax (see below.) If no color is specified, the value of the 'color' property is used.
[Shadow-offset]: This is given as a pair of length values indicating x- and y- distances to use as offset references from the original text content. The first value specifies the horizontal distance of the offset (positive values are to the right, negative values to the left.) The second value specifies the vertical distance of the offset (positive values are below, negative values are above.)
[Blur-radius]: A length value indicating the boundary of the blurring for the current text-shadow effect.

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