Fingerprint Background Checks

When it comes to background checks, a common topic is the advantages of fingerprint background checks versus regular background checks. Fingerprint background checks are becoming more common today due to technology (pop over to this page to learn more). They are more frequently conducted than physical fingerprint searches which can take weeks to complete. Fingerprint […]

Applying CSS to HTML

Style Sheets can be added to a html document in three (3) different ways. External Style Sheet Internal/Embedded Style Sheet Inline Style Sheet External Style Sheet This format would be most ideal when applying to more than one html document.  An external file will be created and a link will be placed in each document. […]

Rotating Billboard System with jQuery and CSS3

This is a very old example, but I think it can often be overlooked for more complex solutions. The digital billboard is something we are all striving for in creating a website, but this example takes it to a literal conclusion. Currently we are in the “hey, let’s do that flash thing in jQuery”-mood and […]

Animated Mobile Menu with a Simple UI

I am utilizing an amazing tutorial from Tympanus – COD Drops – that does an amazing job with interjecting simple and powerful UI elements into what is normally a boring web page. They make the application feel like a seamless transition among elements and you aren’t just clicking, but you are exploring all that there […]

Selectors Part 1

I will be using the official, boring document from W3 to grab the most current information on css selectors for us. Going to their website won’t really add any beneficial information once this three part guide is finished unless you enjoy reading massive blocks of text. If you understand this statement well, I wouldn’t bother […]

Percentage Layouts With Gaps

The great Matthew Stapleford shared a funny comic with us today…

CSS3 Font Shadows

While reading over typography enhancements in CSS3, I came across a fun article from Design Shack . As a quick note, you don’t have to use rgba for the color of your shadow but can utilize any of the CSS color methods. However, I find that rgba is the ideal color setting for a shadow […]

Cycling Slider with CSS3

AZ is a highly reputable developer / designer for a user’s front end experience. I’ve enjoyed several of his tutorials, but this one in particular lays out how to do a vertical scrolling experience using only CSS3 for the transitions. I believe this was also featured on smashing magazine back in 2012. The technique isn’t […]

Accordian Slider in CSS3

I love this tutorial on making an accordian slider out of pure CSS3. I nabbed the source from The Code Player. The best part of this tutorial is how simplistic the HTML portion of the document is. You don’t have to create classes, custom variables, or structures to achieve an interface that looks and functions […]

CSS3 iOS Styling Radio Buttons and Check Boxes

Here we have the general code to create a beautiful radio and check box style based upon the iOS design that Apple has made so popular. Hong Kiat does a nice job of compiling tutorials based upon the general idea that using imagery is evil and should be avoided whenever necessary. In my last tutorial […]