This property indicates a graphic to be used for the list markers in the list structure. This should override the default appearance of list-markers in the current HTML list structure. If a 'list-style-image' is given a value of 'none' or the URL can not be loaded, the 'list-style-type' will be used in its place. The 'list-style-type' should always be specified in the event the URL pointed to in 'list-style-image' can not be loaded

ul { list-style-image: url(picture.gif) }
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Possible Values
inherit: Explicitly sets the value of this property to that of the parent
none: No list-marker will be displayed for the list item
[url]: This value indicates the URL source for the list-marker graphic. It can be either an absolute or relative URL. If the graphic can not be loaded, whatever 'list-style-type' property is set will be used

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